STEM Presentation and Demonstration Series

photo of a stem demonstration

STEMulations are a series of demonstrations providing an exciting look into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. These hour-long events established by the Dean’s Circle host speakers from the College of Science and Mathematics (CoSM) to entertain and educate the general audience. The Dean’s Circle strives to make STEMulations an integral part of CoSM. Below we describe two past events: "The Science of Beer" with Dr. Christopher Wyatt and "Fun with Fire and Explosions" with Kirby Underwood.

Past Events

photo of chris wyattThe Science of Beer with Dr. Christopher Wyatt

The first STEMulation was designed to appeal to every college kid’s heart: BEER!  Christopher Wyatt, Ph.D., WSU professor of Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology provided a detailed look into the process of making beer. For many years, Dr. Wyatt has been brewing beer both competitively and recreationally. At the 2014 Ohio State Fair, he won two gold medals for his beer. Being an expert in science and beer, he explained much of the chemistry and biology behind the beer-making process. Wyatt brought in ingredients for the audience to see and smell. The first STEMulation was a hit and audience members became excited for future demonstrations.

photo of kirby underwoodFun with Fire and Explosions with Kirby Underwood

As the most popular STEMulation to date, “Fun with Fire and Explosions” amused the inner chemist in all of us. The speaker, Kirby Underwood, is the Freshman Laboratory Director from WSU’s Chemistry Department. In a general chemistry course students needed to study for countless hours to understand the material. This STEMulation introduced many to the physical beauty of chemistry. After an hour of bursting explosions and colorful fires, everyone left with new experiences of amazing STEM applications.