Quick Look Department Directory

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Full Time Faculty - Professors

K. T. Arasu - Professor of Mathematics

Brian Boyd - Associate Professor of Math Education (joint appointment with CEHS)

Yuqing Chen  - Associate Professor of Mathematics

Joanne Dombrowski - Professor of Mathematics/ Associate Chair

Tony Evans - Professor of Mathematics

Weifu Fang - Professor of Mathematics

Ann Farrell - Professor of Math Education

Lop-Fat Ho - Associate Professor of Mathematics

Chaocheng Huang - Professor of Mathematics

Qingbo Huang - Professor of Mathematics

Jennifer Kaminski - Assistant Professor of Math Education

Kimberly Kinateder - Associate Professor of Statistics

Gengxin Li - Assistant Professor of Statistics

Qun Li - Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Yi Li - Professor of Mathematics/Dean CoSM

Xiaoyu Liu -Associate Professor of Mathematics

Phan Loi - Associate Professor of Mathematics

Richard Mercer - Associate Professor of Mathematics

Steen Pedersen - Professor of Mathematics

Long Qu - Assistant Professor of Statistics

Michelle Reed - Associate Professor of Mathematics Education

Ayse Sahin - Professor of Mathematics/Chair

Munsup Seoh - Professor of Statistics

Dan Slilaty - Professor of Mathematics

Mohamed Sulman - Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Shuxia Sun - Associate Professor of Statistics

Tom Svobodny - Professor of Mathematics

Thaddeus Tarpey - Professor of Statistics

Emily Tian - Associate Professor of Mathematics

Weizhen Wang - Professor of Statistics

Melanie Woods - Assistant Professor of Math Education (joint appointment with CEHS) 

Xiangqian "Joe" Zhou - Associate Professor of Mathematics

Full Time Faculty - Lecturers

Karen Brackenridge - Lecturer

Glenn Dahl - Lecturer

Mindy Diesslin - Senior Lecturer

Cathryn Holm - Instructor

Peggy Kelly - Lecturer

Ray Otto - Senior Lecturer

Erik Potts - Instructor

Lisa Wellinghoff - Lecturer

Betsy Witt - Instructor

Paulette Zizzo - Lecturer

Adjunct Faculty

The Adjunct Faculty Office is in Room 104 Mathematical and Microbiological Sciences.

Helen Smith

Erin Tewksbury

Melissa Twarek

Graduate Assistants

The Graduate Assistant office in in Room 244 Mathematical and Microbiological Sciences. Click on the GTA's name to send an email.

GTAs for the 2015-2016 academic year will be listed on August 31, 2015

Retired Faculty

William Coppage - Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Robert Craighead - Assistant Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Gerd Fricke - Professor of Mathematics

Robert Haber - Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Alexander Kaplan - Associate Professor of Mathematics

Harry Khamis - Professor Emeritus of Statistics

Raymond Lewkowicz - Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Leone Low - Associate Professor Emerita of Statistics

Marc Low - Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Dean Emeritus College of Science & Mathematics

Terry McKee - Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Carl Maneri - Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Barbara Mann - Professor Emerita of Statistics

David Miller - Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Tapas Mazumdar - Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Gerald Meike - Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Won Park - Professor Emeritus of Statistics

Manley Perkel - Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Makarand Ratnaparkhi - Professor Emeritus of Statististics

Edgar Rutter - Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

David Sachs - Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Robert Silverman - Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Alphonso Smith - Assistant Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Larry Turyn - Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Dan Voss - Professor Emeritus of Statistics

Math Department Office

Loretta Bailey - WrightMath Coordinator

Maria Clark - Student Clerical Assistant

Casey Dunham - Student Clerical Assistant

Christine Krebs - Administrative Specialist

Ron Richardson - Student Clerical Assistant

Abby Sharp - Assistant to the Chair

Statistical Consulting Center

The Statistical Consulting Center is located in 130 Mathematical and Microbiological Sciences.

Mary Alspaugh - Statistical Services Specialist

Mike Bottomley - Statistical Programmer

Maria Clark - Student Clerical Assistant

DeAnne French - Statistical Consultant

Martina Welch - Student Clerical Assistant