Women in Science Giving Circle Faculty Research Awards

Eligibility requirements and information for Faculty Women in Science giving Circle (WISGC) Awards

Definition of Eligibility
  • Applicant eligibility will be limited to women, and will include any faculty who are in or beyond their third year at WSU and currently have limited or no funding.
General Requirements for Applicants Requesting WISGC Funding
  • Requests for funding must be need-based, and applications must convincingly demonstrate how the research project/scholarship meets the stated goals of the WISGC.
  • Applicants must clearly articulate how their work fits within the scope of a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM)-related discipline.  Ideally, candidates for WISGC awards will be engaged in scholarship that naturally has a fundamental dependence upon scientific research for success in one’s discipline.
  • Application materials must document how a WISGC award will make a difference that impacts career advancement for the applicant, increases the impact of the applicant’s research, and/or accelerates research productivity toward achieving publications, grant funding, promotion, or advancement into an administrative position.

Deadline:   Finished applications are due March 24th by 5 pm.  
If you have any questions or need more information contact:
Kathrin Engisch, Ph.D.
(937) 775-2682