How to Appeal a Grade

College Policy

Settling Disputes

When a dispute arises between a faculty member and student over grades or other academic evaluations, the normal procedure is for the student to try to resolve the dispute in the following order:

  1. consult with the faculty member, then, if necessary,
  2. consult with the Departmental Chair, then, if necessary,
  3. consult with the Dean's Office.

If a dispute cannot be resolved by the normal procedure:

  1. After meeting with the Dean's Office, the student will be given the name of the Chair of the Academic Mediation Committee.
  2. When the student contacts the Committee Chair, the Chair will instruct the student to furnish the following:
    1. a letter stating the complaint;
    2. documentation of the discrepancy (e.g., grade, examination); and
    3. a written statement of the student's desired solution.
  3. When the Committee Chair receives the student's paperwork, he/she will notify the faculty member that the complaint has been brought to the Committee's attention. The faculty member should prepare documentation relevant to the case including, but not limited to, a syllabus for the class and a statement of the faculty member's grading policy. The faculty member's Departmental Chair and the Dean's Office should also comment on and sign this documentation before it is forwarded to the Committee Chair.
  4. Once the Committee Chair has received the student's and faculty member's documentation, he/she will distribute all paperwork to the student, the faculty member, and all committee members.
  5. The Committee will meet, inviting all interested parties (i.e., student, faculty member, Departmental Chair, and Dean), to discuss the case. After discussion, the Committee will meet in executive session to make a recommendation.
  6. Upon the recommendation of the Committee, the Committee Chair will respond, in writing, to the student, with copies distributed to the faculty member, Departmental Chair, Dean, and all Committee members.
  7. If the student does not accept the recommendation of the College Committee, he/she may contact the University Academic Mediation Committee.